Gambler 500 Idaho Sawtooth Smackdown

Boise, Idaho - Gambler 500 Idaho Sawtooth Smackdown

Boise, Idaho
Saturday 23.6.2018
From 8:00
Monday 25.6.2018
Up to 1:55
Boise, Idaho
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181 Participant
Join us for our 2nd annual Gambler 500 Idaho off-road navigation challenge! Last year we took fathers day weekend but we missed some of you crazy bastards due to the holiday so we’re cutting your chains off and letting you loose the following weekend of June 23rd and 24th. No one parties like a Dad out of ear shot of his obligations! We’ve got a great course planned out for this time that should give us a great mix of scenery and allow plenty of people to view our traveling **** show along the way. As always this is a 21 and up event with more details to follow. DON’T BE A **** and ABG! Stay tuned!
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