Nagarjuna's Precious Garland - Study group with Sonam Thakchoe

Kickstart Arts - Nagarjuna's Precious Garland - Study group with Sonam Thakchoe

Kickstart Arts
Friday 16.3.2018
From 19:00
Kickstart Arts
AustraliaHobartnext door to the St Johns Cathedral , St Johns Avenue, New Town7008
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Buddhist Advice for Living and Liberation
Nagajunas Precious Garland - Jeffrey Hopkins

10-11am Preparation :guided mindfulness meditation & tea - Availabe to attend as a stand alone session for anyone interested in the benefit of group sitting , general guidance in meditation methods for peace of mind and well being

11.15 -1pm Discourse & Discussion

1-2pm Shared lunch - Please bring a plate

Everyone Welcomed - Suitable for all levels of interest

We are delighted to welcome back Sonam Thakchoe for our 2018 Buddhist philosophy program
Monthly Saturdays 10am-2pm

In the Precious Garland, Nagarjuna offers advice on how to conduct our lives with advice for personal happiness as it is concerned first with improving our condition over the course of lifetimes and then with release from all kinds of suffering, culminating in Buddhahood. Nagarjuna describes the cause and effect sequences for the development of happiness within ordinary life, as well as the practices that lead us to enlightenment--the practices for developing wisdom, or the realization of emptiness, and compassion. He also describes the qualities of the buddhas.

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About Sonam Thakchoe:

Sonam has been supporting the program of CTCT over many years. Sonams connections run deep and date back to his connections many years ago with Lama Thubten Yeshe - FPMT Founder

We feel extremely fortunate to have his care, expertise and compassionate wisdom at our finger tips in this way - it is a rare and most valuable aspect of CTCT ongoing program of activities

Dr Sonam Thakchoe is a Senior Philosophy Lecturer in the School of Humanities. He teaches Asian philosophy, coordinates the Asian Philosophy Program and directs the Tasmanian Buddhist Studies in India Exchange Program. His research specialisation is in Indo-Tibetan philosophy, with a particular focus on the Madhyamaka ontology, epistemology and ethics. He received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Tasmanian in 2003, and Masters in Indo-Tibetan philosophy from Central University of Tibetan Studies in July 1997. Since his appointment he has made substantial contributions to the field of Indo-Tibetan philosophical research with 4 books (3 co-authored) and 20 referred articles, published by some of the leading academic publishers - Oxford University Press, Wisdom Publications, Journal of Indian philosophy, and the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.

Sonam's initiatives in research and teaching activities at UTAS have brought very significant and positive changes in research, teaching and learning culture. UTAS has now embraced the Asian philosophy program as an integral part of the Philosophy's teaching curriculum and its research methods. Read more

A word from Sonam :

"Precious Garland is one of Master Nāgārjuna’s famous classic ethics texts. In it Nāgārjuna makes a forceful case why each one of us –seeking either individual good as an ordinary person or public good as a ruler– needs to live ethically if we are serious about the meaningful life. The rationale behind his argument is simple: ethics is a root from which grows both mental and physical wellness and the meaningful life we all cherish. Absent that nourishing root our life becomes a hollow and meaningless rocked by the perpetual anxiety and stress. Whether we look for short term happiness or the highest meaning the life has to offer, ethical living is the foundation upon each one of us needs to learn to stand to avail ourselves the opportunity to live fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful life. Ours may be the age of cheap ethical relativism, scientific scepticism, or downright cynicism and dark hole of ethical nihilism and yet according to Nāgārjuna, if we are serious about the quality of the life we each deserve, we need to harken back to our ethical roots to ground our emotional, cognitive and psychological lives for sustenance and nourishment.

'I am excited to lead Nāgārjuna Study Group for 2018: it should be intellectually challenging, enriching and rewarding to spend time together studying this important text together through dialogue, discussions and debates. Please join us on this journey to take a deep critical exploration of the text and to learn from Nāgārjuna’s deep philosophical and ethical insights to help us handle some of the most challenging moral questions of our times."
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