The Anatomy of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

144 Farber Hall, Buffalo, NY 14214-8001, United States - The Anatomy of Hearing Loss an...

144 Farber Hall, Buffalo, NY 14214-8001, United States
Thursday 29.3.2018
From 19:00 Up to 20:30
144 Farber Hall, Buffalo, NY 14214-8001, United States
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The Anatomy of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

To be presented by: James DiMartino, Brendan Fitzgerald, Jenna Hendler, Nina Kashanian, and Amanda Seeley

Special guest: Dr. Adam Sheppard, AuD

Research suggests that education and counseling are effective for reducing the level of bother for tinnitus patients. Following testing and extensive interviewing, patients at the UB clinic may be referred for counseling and education. When patients better understand the possible causes and underlying mechanisms for their tinnitus, it can reduce their anxiety and help interrupt a common mental and emotional cycle that promotes tinnitus. This talk will focus on anatomy - a critical element of that education.

While many patients often have an understanding of some anatomic components of our hearing and balance system, there are often gaps in their knowledge, which can lead to more confusion and misunderstanding. You might find it surprising that Anatomy makes up a large component of tinnitus education and that many patients report a much clearer picture of their tinnitus after understanding some of the structures and their functions of hearing. This presentation focuses on the structures involved in hearing including the outer, middle and inner ear, and some of the neural pathways to the auditory cortex within the brain. We will also discuss common problems in each of these areas and how they relate to hearing loss and tinnitus.

This meeting will feature two special guests. Dr. Adam Sheppard will give those attending a glimpse into current research at UB, describing how long-term, low-level noise exposure impacts our hearing system. A short discussion period with light refreshments will follow.

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Future Research Studies: We are frequently seeking subjects for research projects in the Speech and Hearing Clinic. We will be recruiting for our next study taking place during the Fall of 2018. If you are interested in participating, please contact Brendan Fitzgerald at or 716-222-2735.
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