Pennsylvania Hospital / Washington Square Tour

Pennsylvania Hospital Gatehouse - Pennsylvania Hospital / Washington Square Tour

Pennsylvania Hospital Gatehouse
Friday 1.11.2019
From 17:30 Up to 19:00
Pennsylvania Hospital Gatehouse
USPhiladelphia340 S 8th St.19107
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Two tours in one here folks! First off, we'll step inside the oldest hospital building in America, which was erected in 1756 and has been in continuous use ever since. It contains the country's oldest medical library, plus the oldest surgical amphitheater, where Benjamin Rush and Dr. Philip Syng Physick once wielded a scalpel. Oldest isn't always best, but in this case, trust us, it is.
After that, we'll walk over to Washington Square and talk about its days as Publishers Row, particularly its illustrious history of publishing medical texts, including Gray's Anatomy and The Kinsey Reports. And just because it's nearby and it's ravishing, we'll visit the Curtis Building to gaze upon Maxfield Parrish's Dream Garden mosaic, composed of hundreds of thousands of glass tesserae installed by the artisans of Tiffany & Co.
You'll never look at Philly the same way again!
Questions, concerns, conundrums? Contact Hidden City Project Director Pete Woodall:
Tour guide Walker Brown is a Navy veteran who worked as an executive in the medical packaging field. He moved here with his wife 25 years ago and, having a great interest in American history, found Philadelphia the perfect place to expand his knowledge and actively participate. Initially he guided tours at the Independence Seaport Museum. Currently, he guides weekly tours at Philadelphia's City Hall, and the Nations First Hospital - Pennsylvania Hospital at 8th and Spruce St. Also he squeezes in a little volunteering at Christ Church, Penn's Village, PHS Tree Tenders and Hidden City.
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