I love ALLAH  & Prophet Muhammad ,do you?

I love ALLAH & Prophet Muhammad ,do you?

Thursday 1.10.2020
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Allah is the greatest above all creatures and beings that's ever been and ever will be, Allah gives us all the gifts that we have, and helps us and stands by our sides all the way since the day we're born, answers our prayers, blesses us with all what we have...
many people don't even think of how great, giving, merciful, compassionate, loving, generous, egalitarian Allah is to us, if we only think of this, we'll know how much we owe to Allah, from respect, love, and faithfulness...
Allah worth all our love, cos Allah gave us life, and gives us life in every second we live...
we got to be so much grateful for Allah every second for creating us in the first place, life means a lot, and it means the true love for "Allah"...
say it loud, say it proud ♥ " I Love Allah & Prophet Muhammad pbuh " ♥

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