Trauma Informed Approach:  Investigating Gender Based Violence

Northwest Arkansas Community College, Center for Health Professions - Trauma Informed A...

Northwest Arkansas Community College, Center for Health Professions
Wednesday 31.10.2018
From 9:30 Up to 17:30
Northwest Arkansas Community College, Center for Health Professions
USBentonville3201 SE NWACC Blvd. 72712
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NWACC Office of Violence Prevention, in coordination with East Central University, is sponsoring a two day Seminar for Trauma Informed Approach and Investigation for Law Enforcement.
This comprehensive training seminar will be presented by prosecution expert, Herb Tanner. He has presented for national organizations including the Battered Women’s Justice Project, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), both at its International Conference and as faculty for its Leadership Institute on Violence Against Women. He has also been faculty for IACP’s Campus Leadership Institute on Violence Against Women, and the Train-the- Trainer Program. See attachment for Mr. Tanner’s full biography.
Day 1 Learning Objectives for the Neurobiology of Trauma: After attending this session, participants will be able to

Define trauma.
List ways in which trauma affects the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of a survivor.
Identify ways in which trauma can affect the memory and cognitive functioning of an individual.
Describe the ways trauma affects the body's physical response.
Discuss ways in which common responses to trauma are often mis-categorized and misunderstood.
Identify several trauma-informed responses Law Enforcement can employ in their work with GBV survivors.
Practice asking trauma-informed interviewing questions.

Day 2 Learning Objectives for the Offender Focused Investigation

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Describe the ways a perpetrator of non-stranger sexual assault manipulates the victim to decrease the likelihood that they will be held accountable for the crime.
Identify several ways to focus their investigation on the actions of the offender.
Identify at least one investigative technique they can commit to employing in their next sexual assault investigation.

16 hours of Continuing Education Credit has been approved through the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training.
It is encouraged to attend both days of training, however if you are only able to attend one, each day will provide valuable information independent of one another.
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