New Year, New You: Discovering & Engaging Your Chakras

Asher and Bee, Apothecary & Teahouse - New Year, N...

Asher and Bee, Apothecary & Teahouse
Sunday 27.1.2019
From 11:00 Up to 14:00
Asher and Bee, Apothecary & Teahouse
USPensacola7 East Gregory Street32502
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Did somebody say chakras? Any idea what they are? And how can they be out of balance? Why am I feeling burnt out or lost? 
There are seven main points in the body that are vortexes of energy, each with their own vibration and meaning. When energy becomes stuck within a chakra, it can manifest as mental, physical and emotional imbalance or one may even experience physical symptoms within the body such as pain or illness when this happens. Having a hard time speaking your truth? Check your throat chakra! Always worried about money? Let's look at your root chakra! Don't feel good enough? Your solar plexus needs some support! Come work with Angel Guide and Reiki Master Paige Ward to learn how to read and balance your chakras. Explore what each Chakra is, what they represent in your life, the emotional meaning behind each chakra, and the physical imbalances that can happen and how to resolve them! 
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