Solo Show - Feedback, Accountability Support

New York - Solo Show - Feedback, Accountability Support

New York
Sunday 20.1.2019
From 16:00 Up to 18:00
New York
USNew YorkTBA10030
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Greetings Creative One, 
This is an offering from Barbara and Shane for those desiring to produce, work on, have accountability and receive feedback from a director for their one person show. 
Who is this for?
Men and women that have a creative idea that they've spend some time developing, and wanting to live in the world and be seen and receive feedback on. 
What's included: 

A meeting of artists (6 people maximum plus Barbara and Shane)

2nd gathering with Director Deborah

3rd gathering with Director Deborah

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4th gathering to share with an audeince present, on a stage (at whatever level you are at) 

***This is an introductury offer, we are offering this round and this rate to see what works and what needs to be refinded. How exciting!!! 
Get in on it, if it feels right for you,
Barbara and Shane 
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