Parables & Prophecies: A Visual Epistle

LUZ Art - Parables & Prophecies: A Visual Epistle

Saturday 2.3.2019
From 20:00 Up to 23:00
USLos Angeles8373 Melrose Avenue90210
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LUZ Art presents: Parables & Prophecies: A Visual EpistleThe Artwork of Wayne ForteWith significant works collected by the Vatican, Forte’s imagery speaks of ancient religious dialogue and digs deeper into illustrating the human body as a vessel, exploring how it interprets and encompasses spirituality. Inspired by his faith and biblical text, Forte’s narratives are punctuated by his vivid and sensuous signature style without judgement, illuminating such parables to a broader universal  audience."My artistic style might be described as expressionistic, narrative and figurative. It can be seen as a mixture of influences from the East where I was born (in the Philippines); from the Southern Hemisphere where I was married (in Brazil); and from the West where I was educated and reside today with my wife and four children (in Southern California).From the East I retain a penchant for a loose calligraphic line that often extends even to the way I apply paint to the canvas. I love the sumi brush painters’ Zen-like idea of not assuming too much control over the medium, allowing it to express its own unique character – whether that is the flow of the paint or the strong graphic qualities of the Latino painters like Diego Riveira, I learned to invest my figures with a monumentality that fills out the pictorial space. I am also drawn to constructing a picture as the great Mexican muralists do – sturdy and logical like a child with wooden building the West I retain many of the Modernist ideas that formed the basis of my university education. They give me an awareness of a constant questioning about the nature of the artistic enterprise, especially its conceptual component. I also appreciate the Modernist tradition of borrowing ideas from other cultures in order to revitalize the enterprise of art-making."  - Wayne ForteLUZ Art hosts one-of- a-kind art exhibitions, performances, talks, and community events. The gallery features significant artworks which amplify and extend our vocabularies toward a spiritual dialogue and : March 2, 2019  5-8 pmFREE and Open to the PublicLuz Art8373 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90210323-452-9118info@: Abraham & Isaac, acrylic rag on paper]
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