FLEX HAUS: A Flexibility Workshop with Energi

Energi - FLEX HAUS: A Flexibility Workshop with Energi

Sunday 3.3.2019
From 16:00 Up to 17:30
USNew York815 Broadway10003
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Alicia Archer - @kinkysweat
Whether you are a movement enthusiast, dancer, professional athlete, cross-fitter or cyclist, we can all agree flexibility is a necessity to achieve fitness and professional goals.  Stretching is not only vital to your recovery, it also proves helpful while advancing in any strength exercise. 
Come learn how to improve your flexibility in this 90 minute workshop!  In this dynamic workshop, we will breakdown exercises together with modifications provided to keep you intrigued.  Walk away with techniques that will allow increased range of motion for your hips to squat deeper, lunge lower, back bend safely, and most importantly, move pain free. 
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