Strengthening Resilience--Powerful Meditation Practices for Bouncing Back

Atlanta Center for Wellness - Strengthening Resilience--Powerful Meditation Practices f...

Atlanta Center for Wellness
Monday 18.2.2019
From 11:00 Up to 12:00
Atlanta Center for Wellness
USSandy Springs6100 Lake Forrest Drive30328
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This is an on-going wellness group that meets weekly on Mondays 11a-12p
The Atlanta Center for Wellness 6100 Lake Forrest Dr. Suite 450 Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Many people come to therapy because they are somewhere on the continuum between presence and overwhelm. Presence and Well-Being
Creativity and Flow
Discipline and Productivity
Busy-ness and Pressure
Stress and Overwhelm Self-Combustion, Shut-Down and Suffering
How in the world do we bounce back from disappointment, difficulty, disaster, trauma, overwhelm and fatigue? Strengthening resilience is the capacity to have a solid-flexible self. You can bend with the wind but remain stable, rooted and grounded. Think of a willow tree. When we learn to go with the flow we can more readily bounce back from adversity. Strengthening resilience is essential to the survival and thriving of human beings. It is teachable, learnable and truly recoverable. Using powerful, efficient and effective, experiential meditation exercises, this group is designed as a guide to resilience specifically as a brain-training program to help you strengthen your capacities to bounce back. This is not only meditation and mindfulness. It is resilience training. You can learn to see yourself as someone that can cope and help you bounce back from any adversity so you can get back to thriving and flourishing in your life in every way.
All are welcome.
Geared for adults.
HIPAA Confidentiality Rules Apply
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