Functional Medicine Meet-Up La-Crosse: Functional Foods

La Crosse Country Club - Functional Medicine Meet-Up La-Crosse: Functional Foods

La Crosse Country Club
Wednesday 10.4.2019
From 19:30 Up to 22:30
La Crosse Country Club
USOnalaska300 Marcou Road54650
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You are invited to the functional medicine meet up group in the La-Crosse area!
Invite a Friend, Co-Worker, Peer.  Let’s Grow our Functional Medicine Network!
The Functional Medicine Meet-Up is designed for functional, integrative practitioners to come together and create a networking, referral system.   It has been inspiring to watch all of the practitioners come together and become excited to network and support each other; and I cannot wait to bring this type of energy to the La-Crosse area.  I can’t wait to see where this group takes the La-Crosse and surrounding areas, and what we can accomplish with this group. 
Date: 4/10
Time: 6:30-9
Location: La-Crosse Country Club
300 Marcou Rd, Onalaska, WI 54650
Topic: Functional Foods
functional meet up will focus on Functional Foods and Proteins with Purpose.  How many of your patients have a cabinet full of junk proteins that they tend to throw in smoothies when they have little or no time, or after a work out? 
What if we could provide higher quality protein, appropriate protein and signals for specific patient types, and be more educated about what our patients are taking and what we could offer them to get the most therapeutic efficacy for healing?
In this meet up we will be discussing what are functional foods, why they are necessary, what doing a market review of what is being offered to our patients.  We will be focusing on the protein and functional foods.  We will look at the professional channel as well as the retail market and sampling these different protein powders.
We will also dive into appropriate patient types for specific functional foods (Inflammation, Mitochondrial Support, Glycemic Dysregulation/Blood Sugar Imbalances, Stress).  With a  market saturated in functional foods and protein powders, let’s get a clear understanding of what we have to offer and how to talk to our patients and help them stay compliant!
If you are part of the Functional Medicine Book Club:

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We will be reading: Functional Strategies for Management of Gastrointestinal Disorders: Principles and Protocols for Healthcare Professionals
Supporting the Barrier Function of the Gut pages 141-160 (if you would like this book please contact me or Matthew Conforti at: )
We will be discussing a protocol for healing the gut
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