6 Week Challenge 2019.2

Forest Park - 6 Week Challenge 2019.2

Forest Park
Tuesday 2.4.2019
Up to 3:00
Forest Park
USEverett802 E Mukilteo Blvd98201
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The next 6 week challenge will start 4/1/19 for 6 weeks. Yes, it's on April's Fools Day - but this is not a joke!I've been hosting 6 week challenges for over a year. If you missed the first 6 week challenge of the year, you won't want to miss this one! What is the 6 week challenge? It's a healthy habit challenge. Each week (or at intervals) we incorporate new small changes to make. Habits to incorporate depend on the group (this is not personal coaching). There have been many successes (up to 7.86% loss!) and I would like to invite you to join the next one. No Maybe's - commit!I'm a Precision Nutrition Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach. Every challenge group is different dependent on the group's needs - but for the most part, the group focuses on building healthy habits (such as getting enough sleep, water intake, portions, etc.). There are no outside sales (no shakes to sell or anything of the sort). There's really NO reason you shouldn't join! If you are interested in doing the challenge pay $20 by Sunday, 3/31/19 via Venmo (@graceeu ) or Facebook Messenger, PayPal (info@run2befit.com, friends/family option - if I incur any fees, please plan on paying them) or via the Run 2 Be Fit event that has the Eventbrite link. ****Paid Members, you get TWO free 6 week challenge included in your the PRIZE is the motivation, but sometimes it's just the accountability that this challenge brings you! Here are 10 reasons to JOIN TODAY. Although, within the Challenge group, the benefits may change to meet the group's goals and needs.1. Private FB group2. Weekly weigh-ins - Mondays by 9pm! In order to "qualify" for prizes, cannot skip one week. Please take a picture of you on the scale (post with scale results - sometimes it's hard to see # on pic) in the group. *3. At-home weekly workouts - mini challenges throughout the 6 weeks.**4. Weekly food challenges - including but not limited to no sugar, more water, etc.5. Goal setting 6. Accountability - try not to turn off group notifications. Check-in daily. It's only 6 weeks!7. Motivation - I will be asking YOU to participate by providing recipes, tips, etc.8. Support - judgement free-zone!9. Optional in-person workouts - will post as they come up.10. Prizes for biggest weight loss (percentage) - must have weighed in every Monday (posted picture in the group). No exceptions. Winner is from those that weighed in by the deadline every week. There is no runner-up. I typically give a few choices for the group to vote on for the main prize. The prize is "nice" but shouldn't be the main motivator nor up for debate. The real prize is overall changes to healthier choices.*If during the challenge you don’t weigh in/drop, you can continue staying in the group, but will no longer be eligible for the prize nor should submit further weigh-ins.**exercise/workouts are secondary to healthy eating habits. Not all groups incorporate this - program tailored to group's needs.***Please note, there is NO physical location. This is all ONLINE!****More information about the membership can be found here: you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me (Grace Uribe Martinez).
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