Libra Full Moon Ceremony: REIKI + SOUND  with Becca Davis + Rita Turner

Golden Folk Wellness - Libra Full Moon Ceremony: REIKI + SOUND with Becca Davis + Rita...

Golden Folk Wellness
Saturday 20.4.2019
From 20:30 Up to 22:00
Golden Folk Wellness
USLos Angeles1615 Lucile Avenue90026
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On this evening Becca + Rita will co-create a space to nurture your soul through Sound + Reiki. We will open the circle in a ceremonial setting, sharing our intentions, and moon wisdom about the cycles, and the astro insights of Libra full moon.  
Followed by a meditation through sound, using various instruments, such as chimes, drums, flutes, brass singing bowls, alchemy and crystal singing bowls. We will also support the ceremony with Reiki energy, through light touch as we guide you towards self awareness, and create a safe space for the body to heal.
What to bring?
You will need to bring your own Yoga mat, any personal crystals you want to recharge on the altar, blankets, and pillows for your comfort to nest on the floor, please dress comfortably for your relaxation. You may also bring a journal or notebook to write down your visions. We invite you to relax, find inner peace, and serenity.

About your Hosts:
Becca Davis, raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, began her personal journey into the holistic healing arts when she was introduced to yoga in 2006. While on her personal journey, she decided to take on yoga teacher training which included over 200 hours of training and intensive practice in Berkeley, California. Not long after, she ended up traveling to Goa, India to further earn her 300 hours in advance training, gaining additional wisdom and experience. 
After returning from India, she continued to study other healing modalities and was introduced to Reiki in 2015. Since then, she has received her Master Certification and continues to live a life that is reflective of nature, holistic practices, and sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine within oneself.
She has been on a healing path now for quite some time and has studied under Sariah Sizemore, where she learned about the benefits of kundalini to the nervous system, along with Ritual breathwork, integrating and expanding in a year-long Shamanic Healing Coach Training.
Becca believes that the healing process brings awareness to the conscious mind, body, and soul. She is inspired to serve others along their healing journey. To integrate the wholeness of human experience back from cultural conditioning, and to bring about deep, systemic shifts in the lives of all who dare to dream.

Becca Davis
Contact: Instagram: @namastemami
Rita’s passion for music and spirituality took root at a young age. At the age of 10 she picked up the Bassoon and has been fascinated ever since. Alongside with Music came the practice of Hatha Yoga and  growing sense of spirituality, “I have always been an empath and a seeker of divine connections”.

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By the time she received her first Tibetan singing bowl at age 27, she had mastered the Bassoon, left her small hometown in Portugal to study at the University of Classical Music in Lisbon, trained under one of her favorite bassoonists in Sweden and established a career as a musician and music teacher.
Fascinated by the healing frequencies of the singing bowl, she began using it in her teaching, personal spiritual practices, in fact every moment she can. After moving to California in 2015, she took a huge leap toward integrating spirituality into her music career, studying Sound Healing and Therapy at The Globe Institute in San Francisco. Most recently she also completed her Level 1&2 certification on Shamanic Reiki, a modality she now infuses into her Sound Healing work.
As a sound healer, Rita considers herself a mediator and a facilitator. Her priority is to help people to find their own spiritual self. She uses the power of healing frequencies and sound to stimulate relaxation, spiritual consciousness and awareness of physical and subtle bodies.
She strongly believes that when healing traumas from the past, we are healing our present moment, too. Music, frequencies, and vibrations have an important contribution here, they resonate with and within us, they have the ability to unite both present and past memories creating new ones. Rita’s vision is simple: To serve as a tool and help others to connect with their own spiritual self and their own healer within.
Rita Oliveira Turner
Contact:  Instagram: @ritasoundyoga
Flyer Image Artist: @zeewipark
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